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being an introvert myself, it was important to me to bring that into what I do with the brand and offer something to like-minded people. the new designs each have a meaning behind them, some of which are more obvious than others, but it's there. it’s these ideas that are at the backbone of the brand.
humbl is all about the smaller details. the little things that most people will overlook, or don’t take the time to think about, but there’s always a small collective of people who appreciate those subtleties. humbl is for those people. the over-thinkers.
all big things are made from a collection of smaller things, and it's about focusing on the the parts that make up the whole.
being quiet and introverted is rarely seen as something to be proud of. everyone wants to be the loudest person in the room or wants to be the centre of attention. humbl is all about flipping that idea on it’s head and embracing those tendencies.  
our new collection is now live on the site and is made up of three new designs printed on quality, 100% organic cotton tees. free uk shipping comes as standard, and more new stock will follow as the weather starts to turn for the autumn and winter months.
as with this release, list members will get early access to these before public release. so make sure to sign up to get the password for the site as well as updates and previews. 

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