'mind wanderer' playlist by humbl

A collection of chilled, easy listening tracks, perfect for relaxing on a warm summer evening and giving yourself time to unwind.

~ let your mind wander ~ 

We'll be creating and updating various playlists to share with you on a monthly basis, so keep an eye out for the latest on our Spotify, Twitter or Instagram at: @humbl_co

We won't be claiming to bring you the biggest and best hits from big artists, so if you're after the latest Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber tunes, you'll be better off looking and listening elsewhere.

Our aim with these playlists is to give you an insight into humbl and the music behind the brand. 

Fashion and music go hand-in-hand, and with that in mind, we'll be rolling out lists featuring artists that have had an impact on the shape of humbl as a brand. These tracks will be from artists that we've been listening to since day one of creating a streetwear label. From concept to launch, through to the present, this is music which will help to shape how future humbl collections will look and feel. 


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